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Boomtime for 'Netrepreneurs

by Phil Hanson

During this decade, the Internet will create many thousands of new millionaires. Will you be one of them?

Thanks to new technology and a changing economy, a modern-day "gold rush" is in full progress. The fact that it's taking place on the Internet means anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can participate, providing they have a third component—a Web site. Most large corporations, many smaller companies and a huge number of individual entrepreneurs have already established an Internet presence for themselves for business purposes. Internet entrepreneurs put new business Web sites on-line every day.

According to a recent article in Fortune (on-line), half of all U.S. households now connect to the Internet, with 700 more going on-line every hour. These Internet growth trends are mirrored in Europe, Asia and throughout the rest of the world. For established Internet entrepreneurs, this represents enormous potential for new customers—or new competition. Yes, opportunities abound on the Internet, but only if one knows how to exploit them.

The huge number of opportunities available, today, for amassing great wealth is unparalleled in all of human history. The obsession for technology revolutionizes society at every level, affecting virtually everyone.

Many people look to the Internet to build their fortunes. Some will succeed. Most will not. Innovative, imaginative thinkers forge ahead and reap colossal rewards. Those who lag behind soon lag further behind.

The owners of successful Internet businesses know how important it is to display literate, articulate, coherent text on their Web pages. They know that readable, understandable writing inspires trust and confidence and is, therefore, the key to making on-line sales. They know that anything less than a professional effort gets less than professional results.

Now, learn how to exploit the power of the Internet. Discover the techniques Internet entrepreneurs use to build successful and profitable on-line businesses that make them rich. Petey's Pipeline E-zine is crammed with practical, authoritative articles giving shrewd advice and valuable insights on how to create Web pages that help you tap the wealth bonanza exploding across the Internet.

There are some alternatives to creating your own Web page content. Download free content from numerous sources (don't use someone else's material without permission) and hope that it works for you, or purchase writing and/or editing services from the Perfect Text Web site.

Another alternative is to hire someone else's services to create your Web page content for you. However, that option doesn't come with the Perfect Text guarantee.

The choices are clear: Petey's Pipeline E-zine for cutting edge information and subtle entertainment, and Perfect Text for quality written content. Petey's Pipeline and Perfect Text—we're standing tall.

Copyright © 2004 — 2006 by Phil Hanson
All rights reserved.

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