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Smoothing Out the Rough Spots

by Phil Hanson


Editing is proofreading taken to the next level. Where proofreading is concerned with finding and correcting minor mechanical and technical errors, editing tackles the more egregious technical and structural errors in addition to performing the tasks normally associated with proofreading.

Poor writing skills often produce sentences, paragraphs or entire pages of text that are, essentially, meaningless. It's the editor's job to repair the damage while preserving the original writer's intended meaning.

All print media publishers employ editors to correct those vexing mistakes that render a manuscript unintelligible. Few Web site publishers (anyone who puts up a Web site is a Web site publisher) do so. Most of them need to.

Many Internet businesses fail, and many more are not as successful as they might be, simply because the writing that appears on their Web sites is somewhat less than professional quality.

It's safe to say, however, that many Internet entrepreneurs are catching on to the fact that it's not the fancy graphics or the flashy banner ads that sell; it's the words—carefully chosen and expertly written—that clinch the deal.

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All rights reserved.


You'll find complete information for ordering editing services at the Perfect Text order desk.


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