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Lifeblood of the Internet

Exchange Links with Perfect Text


Links are the lifeblood of the Internet, but absolute numbers no longer count as much as absolute quality—and relevance.

Relevant Links

To earn a spot in this category your Web site must have lots of meaningful content that's useful to Internet entrepreneurs, and be exceptionally well written. It must be a quality site, in other words. I won't link to any site whose sole purpose is to promote MLM scams…er, schemes…nor will I link to mini-sites whose only function is to promote an affiliate program. Useful information, relevancy and quality are the keys to getting your Web site listed on this page.

Other sites I won't link to include adult content sites, hate sites, warez sites, free hosted sites, sites that promote violence or illegal activities, gambling sites and sites that do not provide adequate contact information. Pop-up hell or banner farm? Forget it!

Web Masters: Due to shameless deception and flagrant abuse of reciprocal link priviIeges on the part of unethical Webmasters and SEO specialists, I'm no longer accepting triangular link exchanges. Perfect Text continues to accept direct one-on-one exchanges, requiring a reciprocal link from any Web site that wishes to have its link displayed on this page (30 days) and permanently displayed on a page in a site-relevant category.

Sites that link to Perfect Text in advance get priority service and are guaranteed a reciprocal link providing they meet my link exchange criteria (refer to first two paragraphs under "Relevant Links," above, and to itemized "Notes," below).

Contact Be sure "linkswap" appears in the subject line. Provide your Web site URL and other relevant linking information, the page URL where my link appears on your site, and a brief description of your site (optional).

Note 1: Text links only, please. This is a link exchange, not a banner exchange. If you want your banner displayed on this site, there's a price attached. Inquire for rates.

Note 2: Don't bury my link on some obscure page of your Web site. If I can't easily find my link, I'll delete yours. Best practice is to actually have a link to your links page displayed on your home page. Your links page must be hosted on your own Web site, and search engines must be able to index it.

Note 3: To link to Perfect Text, simply copy this snippet of code and paste it into your source code where you want the link to appear:

<p><a href="" target="_blank">Perfect
A 'Netrepreneurs resource site featuring Web page proofreading, editing
and freelance writing services, free e-zine (archived issues), book reviews, blogs, and more.</p>

If all goes well, you should end up with something similar to this:

Perfect Text
A 'Netrepreneurs resource site featuring Web page proofreading, editing
and freelance writing services, free e-zine (archived issues), book reviews, blogs, and more.

Note 4: The Web site description is optional. Just don't expect more than you're willing to give.

Note 5: If I've requested a link from you, you can be sure your link already appears on this page. If you don't notify me of your intent to reciprocate and I can't find my link on your site 30 days after the date I made the request, I'll delete your link.

Note 6: If you've requested a link from me and provided your linking information, I'll review your site at the earliest opportunity (but within 24 hours, barring unforeseen circumstances). If I like your site and you are displaying my link, I'll add your link to this page a.s.a.p. and notify you. Once I place your link on a Perfect Text links page, it will remain there for as long as your site remains linked to Perfect Text. Yes, I do check periodically.

Maintaining a strict linking policy is essential to maintaining the Perfect Text Web site's integrity, not to mention my own. To relax my standards would do a disservice to the Web site, to my customers and potential customers and to my link partners. No apologies and no further explanations are needed.

Copyright © 2005-2008 by Phil Hanson
All rights reserved.


Link Categories

Automotive – Cars, Trucks, Vans & SUVs, Motorcycles, Motor Homes, Parts, Repairs

Business – Entrepreneurs, Home Businesses, Internet Businesses, Business Supplies, Business Services, Marketing, e-Commerce

Ecology & Environment – Environmental Engineering, Ecosystem Management

Education – Schools, Training, Colleges, Universities

Employment – Agencies, Jobs, Recruiters, Services

Financial – Banks, Credit Cards, Loans, Mortgages

Health – Nutrition, Supplements, Diet, Exercise, Illness Prevention

Home Decorating – Appliances, Furniture, Home Furnishings, Home Services, Lawns & Gardens, Patios & Decks

Industrial Machinery Heavy Equipment, Tractors, Pumps, Construction Equipment, Light & Heavy Industry, Machine Shop

Insurance – Business, Fire, Health, Home, Life, Mortgage, Vehicle

Legal – Intellectual Property Law, Constitutional Law, Corporate Law, Civil Law, Bankruptcy Law

Media – Book Sellers, Broadcasters, News, Periodicals

Medical Services – Doctors, Dentists, Researchers, Alternative Medicine, Transport

Miscellaneous – Gifts, Crafts, Music, Relaxation, Other

Property – Real Estate, Commercial Property, Residential Property

Technology – Computers, Peripherals, IT Consulting, Software

Time Out! – Vacations, Travel, Hobbies, Sports, Entertainment

Transport Services – Ship, Truck, Rail, Air Freight, Passengers

Web Site Services – Domains, Hosting, Design, SEO, Links

Written Words – Writers, Editors, Translators, Proofreaders, Printing & Publishing, Agents

New link partners will have their links displayed on this page for 30 days in addition to a permanent location on a page in a site-relevant category.

All links that clearly do not belong in one of the other categories will automatically go into the "Miscellaneous" category until such time that there are a minimum of five links in the same sub-category, in which case I'll create a new category page. The same applies to sub-categories that are listed in the main category pages. It takes at least five links to justify creating a new category page.

Perfect Text has exchanged links with the following Web sites within the past 30 days:

Seattle Real Estate
Professional Seattle Real Estate organization whose purpose is to guide individuals and families through the often complex processes of buying or selling a home.

Minneapolis St Paul Real Estate
Professional Minneapolis St Paul Real Estate organization whose purpose is to guide individuals and families through the often complex processes of buying or selling a home.

Minnesota Real Estate
Professional Minneapolis St Paul Real Estate organization whose purpose is to guide individuals and families through the often complex processes of buying or selling a home.

Austin Apartments
Finding Austin area apartments on our site is easy and pays you up to $500 cash back via rebate. We provide you all apartment information, Instantly, with out signing up. Search our database for FREE.

SEM Firm
The InterCon Group, Inc. is a full service Internet Business Consulting Firm specializing in Website Development, Search Engine Management & Internet Marketing. We service all business sectors in the continental USA.
(Added 1/08/11)

Time Out!

Everyone needs a break, now and then, to avoid burnout. Get a hobby! Go on vacation! Take in a concert! Live an adventure! These links might give you some ideas:

Rogue River Country
The best available Southern Oregon tourism information for planning your vacation. Visit and enjoy all the activities, services and natural wonders offered in our outdoor recreation paradise.

Fish Oregon
Guide Service on the Rogue and other Southern Oregon rivers for the finest King Salmon and Steelhead fishing. Experienced in helping plan your fishing trips to Oregon's vacation paradise.

Fireweed Lodge
On the west coast of Prince of Wales Island at the base of the Klawock River, the Fireweed Lodge is a full service fishing resort offering guided salt water and self-guided stream fishing packages.

Kenai King Salmon Fishing
Experienced a trip to Kenai Alaska for the highest quality Alaska King Salmon Fishing. Kenai Alaska is the home of trophy King Salmon and one of the worlds most beautiful settings

Canada Fishing Charter
Experience adrenalin-pounding Canadian Sportfishing action. Master Guide with thirty years experience with gives all out effort. Pinpoints the best time and place to fish.

Alaska Fishing Charter – ProFish-n-Sea
Exhilarating Alaska fishing charters for trophy salmon, halibut and giant lingcod. Master Guide Steve Zernia gives all out effort. Experience heart-pounding sportfishing action.

Oregon Fishing Guides
The world's greatest fishing guides are forged in Oregon, home to the mightiest salmon runs on the west coast. Featuring top Oregon fishing guides who'll show you the best Oregon fishing has to offer.

Captain Jack's Alaska
Alaska's premier full-service sport-fish processing. We take great pride in making sure the fish you receive are the fish you caught. Relive your Alaska fishing trip by simply opening your freezer.

Alaska Adventures
Finest Alaska wilderness fishing lodge vacations since 1985. Catch fish till your arms fall off. View bears feeding on salmon, up close but not too personal. Your Alaska expeditions start here.


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