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Petey's Pipeline E-zine

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Meet Petey

Who is Petey?

Petey is an acronym (and the personification of PT, which stands for Perfect Text). Petey is my alter ego, my demented, diabolical twin, and my scapegoat. When things go horribly wrong, I blame it all on Petey. Whenever I screw up, I can always say, "Petey made me do it." Hey, it works for me!

(The Pipeline part of the title was borrowed from Microsoft Windows 3D Pipes screensaver.)

Publishing Schedule

Petey's Pipeline E-zine publishes on the first and third Mondays of every month. E-mail notices to subscribers go out late Sunday evening, as soon as I upload the new edition to the server.

E-mail notices contain a brief greeting, and a link to the latest e-zine page. What you won't get from Petey is a lot of spam or other advertising in your e-mail inbox.

Petey Delivers

What can you expect from Petey's Pipeline E-zine? Just about anything! You'll get editorial commentary on Internet business trends, and tips to help you improve the quality of your Web page text or other on-line writing.

Rare insights, unusual perspectives, bold opinions, controversial subjects, thought-provoking ideas and unvarnished truth are all part of the mix.

Regular Features

Business First (Editorial)

The editor comments about Internet business trends, probes current events, reviews product and service offerings and makes predictions about the future of Internet business.

Random Ramblings & Miscellaneous Musings

The Petey's Pipeline E-zine publisher expresses his opinions on pressing political, economic, social and environmental issues that profoundly affect your business, and your life. Don't go here if you're easily intimidated.

If you think that political correctness is a virtue, that the government always knows best or that our good ol' US of A isn't in some really deep doo-doo, then you'll want to skip over Random Ramblings & Miscellaneous Musings altogether; it's definitely not for the timid or the faint-of-heart. If challenging the status quo threatens you, by all means, keep your head in the sand.

Readers Respond

Have thoughts of your own regarding something you read in Petey's Pipeline? Share your thoughts with Petey's Pipeline readers. Send your comments in e-mail addressed to the editor. Be sure "respond" (without the quotes) appears in the subject line.

Thoughtful, well-written responses are guaranteed a home, here. Emotional outbursts and senseless diatribes are not. You don't have to agree with Petey, but you must maintain a semblance of rationality when stating your case.

Write Thinking

Perfect Text's editor offers up writing tips and advice on how to create better Web page content, more-literate newsletters and e-zines and more-effective written communications in all forms of print media.

What About the Blog?

Petey's Pipeline Blog debuted on April 12, 2006, at

Petey's blog consists mostly of introductions to, or short takes from, Random Ramblings and Miscellaneous Musings material, with some idle speculation and reflections on the state of modern civilization thrown in to provide variety and interest. "Frequent" and "random" best describe the blog's posting schedule.

Feel free to respond to blog postings at any time. Whether you agree or disagree, your thoughtful, carefully considered comments are welcome. However, anything suggestive of a temper tantrum, psychotic episode or hysteria will be deleted.

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1. Get a subscription to Petey's by clicking on the "Subscribe" button (above, left) and typing the requested information into the form provided. You must use a valid e-mail address. (Information you provide is held in the strictest confidence.) Petey sends a follow-up e-mail to verify your subscription. Simply click on your e-mail "reply" button to verify your intent to subscribe.

2. Follow the links from the Perfect Text Web site to the E-zine Archive page.

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4. Bookmark the Petey's Pipeline E-zine Archive page, and return often.

5. Stumble across the E-zine Archive page by accident.

Visit Petey's Pipeline E-zine Archive to read previous issues.

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