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Petey's Pipeline E-zine
Petey's Pipeline Blog



“I just visited your site, and read your past issues. I love your writing style! Anything that brings me a smile in the middle of a busy day gets my 'thumbs up'!

“Your article will appear in today's issue, and I can honestly say that it's one I'm proud to present to my readership. You've obviously got article writing down to a science. Please continue to submit your writing to me. It's not easy to find quality writing such as yours!”
—Ginger Geracitano
, Publisher
The Portal to Success


"Hi Phil,
Thanks for the article. It is great! I learned some things about Birkenstock history. I will forward it to Jerry. I am satisfied with it just the way it is."
—Rick Bryan


"I greatly appreciate the work Phil Hanson has done for my business, and for me. For starters, he helped develop a communication to the Baker City Planning Commission and the city council that helped me to get a zoning law changed. That change allowed me to open an adult foster home in a commercial district—something that was previously not permitted in our city. Phil was also instrumental in developing our Foster Home Web site,, doing a great job with the editing, proofreading and some of the development. He has a gift that goes far beyond simple proofreading and editing. He's able to grasp an author's intention and restate things in a concise, understandable and meaningful manner."
—Tom LeBlanc


"You can't count on spell checkers, but you can count on Phil."

—Kaylen Bennett

E-mail Feedback

Theresa Cahill's response to the first article I submitted to her:

"Hi Phil! I think you're pulling my leg (huge grin!) about being relatively
new to the web, 'cause even if you are, you have NOTHING to worry about with insight like this.

I just LOVE THIS! Wow!

You're writing articles, aren't you? If not, you most certainly should
consider doing so.

THANK YOU again, I'm looking forward to printing this in Monday's edition!"

—Theresa (Cahill)
WizWorld MRC Newsletter


Theresa's response to my editorial What's in a Name?, published in issue #04 of Petey's Pipeline E-zine:

"Oh My Heavens!

Wow, I've even got goosebumps :))))

This is just absolutely incredible. Absolutely 210% amazing!!

I'm dumbstruck... Not something easily done LOL!


—Theresa (Cahill)


Ginger Geracitano's response to a critique I wrote about a Web site she was helping to design for Gary Shawkey, International:

Hi there, Phil! :o)

"Thank you SO much for participating in this feedback quest of mine! You have offered me the best, most informative input yet....

Looking at the pages through your eyes helped me very much. Now I can go back to my co-workers at GSI and give them the information that will hopefully lead to a better presentation!

Your ability to catch the smallest details is a talent I obviously don't have. When the writers of the copy asked me to proof read the page, I found the mistakes that were obvious, but thanks to you, I now see the ones that I missed.

Thanks again for the very valuable input."

—Ginger (Geracitano)


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