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Writing, Editing & Proofreading


Perfect Text Services for On-line Success


Does your Web site make a good first impression? Do your Web site's visitors find your site visually appealing, or do they find it cluttered and confusing? Is your written Web page content relevant, error free and professionally presented, or does it look like the collective efforts of a group of failing 6th grade English students?

Chances are, if your business Web site is not fulfilling your expectations—either in the amount of sales you make or in the number of visitors your Web site gets—there are some basic problems that keep your site from achieving its full potential. A bad design, poorly written text, a flawed marketing strategy or a combination of these things tend to hold you back. Whatever the problems are, you should know that there's nothing wrong with your Web site that can't be fixed.

For complete information about my writing, editing and Web site services and how they can be tailored to fit your project, click on the individual titles in the Web Page Services link box (left column, near the bottom). For a brief overview, keep reading.


An essential step in creating excellent Web page content, proofreading detects and corrects spelling, punctuation and formatting errors, among other things.


In addition to proofreading, editing also includes correcting grammatical errors and revising text.

Freelance Writing

This is the source of all those relevant articles you're going to put on your Web site to keep your visitors interested and informed and the search engines happy.

SEO Writing

Successful Web site operators understand the importance of displaying well written text on their Web pages. They know that it's the high quality and value of their written content that helps get their Web sites listed in top positions with the major search engines.

Writing compelling copy to satisfy both search engine spiders and human readers is never an easy task. Because search engines and humans each have different requirements, weaving keywords and keyword phrases into a Web page's body text to achieve maximum effect is often a tedious, demanding process.

Writing for ESL Clients

When you allow grammatical errors, misspelled words and other mistakes to appear on your business Web pages, many of your site's visitors won't take you seriously. They not only question your competence, but your integrity, too. If you don't consider the nuances of American English, you could reduce your visitors to fits of laughter, or worse, send them scurrying away in disgust.

Web Site Critiques

An effective means of identifying a myriad of problems that plague Web sites, critiques make it possible for Web site owners to fix mistakes themselves and put their on-line businesses back on the fast track to success.

In summary, if your Web site has that "open for business" professional look, including professionally written and edited text, your site's visitors assume that you are a business professional because you've branded yourself as one, and they'll be more likely to do business with you.

Personal Web Pages

Personal Web pages are a great way to promote yourself on-line. You can post a resume, a personal profile or a description of your services. Use a personal Web page as a message board to keep in touch with family or friends, or use it to display arts and crafts and other items for sale. Use it for lots of things. Unleash your imagination.

Business Web Sites

Creating and maintaining a Web presence makes sense for almost anyone who's in business. Whether you want to promote and sell a single product or service (or a multitude of them) on-line, or you just want to promote yourself as an authority on a particular subject to increase your popularity or credibility, the Internet makes it possible. You can get your message to thousands, perhaps millions, of people who are your potential customers.

When visitors access your site, they come with the expectation of possibly doing business with you if you can provide them with the goods, services or information they're looking for, in a reasonable amount of time. Busy people don't want to be entertained for three minutes while the fancy graphics on your entry page load into their browser window. They want to get into your site, find what they need and get out in the shortest possible time.

For that reason, you won't find any "bells and whistles" in my Web site designs. For most businesses, simplicity is best. Big department stores don't heap all of their merchandise in a single pile on the floor, have entry doors that take three minutes to open and they don't subject their shoppers to a song-and-dance routine before allowing them into the store. they don't do it and neither should you.

My business Web site designs feature fast-loading pages, clean page layouts, literate text and easy navigation to give your customers and potential customers the best possible experience. Furthermore, I design each Web site with expandability in mind, so your Web site can grow to keep pace with, or set the pace of, your business growth.

In all of my Web site services I stress the importance of professionalism above all else. Why? Because, professionalism embraces every aspect of a successful on-line business (or any business, for that matter), including appearance, attitude, commitment, credibility, ethics, honesty, integrity, reputation, trust and intelligence, to name the obvious. It's all but impossible for businesses that maintain professional standards to fail.

The sooner you begin to look like a professional, the sooner you'll begin to get professional results. When you're ready to upgrade your Web site, or build a new one, to professional standards, contact me. I can help!

Phil Hanson, Editor
Perfect Text

Copyright © 2003–2005 by Phil Hanson
All rights reserved.

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