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Petey's Pipeline E-zine is no longer in publication. It has been replaced by the blogs Frieddogleg & Petey's Pipeline, which are also off the wall, around the bend, over the top, and free!

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The Perfect Text directory and site map page contains links to all of the primary pages on the site. All primary pages contain links to secondary pages that support them.


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Credibility: Make Your Web Presence Believable
Design: "Clean and Simple" Converts Visitors into Paying Customers
Functionality: Utility, Not Futility
Marketing: You Can Sell Without Selling Out
Promotion: Anonymity Is a Business Killer
Vision: Seeing Beyond the Obvious
Planning: Get Your House in Order Before You Build
Professionalism: A Visible Commitment to Excellence
Reliability: Back Up Your Promises with Action
Reputation: The Most Important Aspect of Your Business
Sustainability: Making All the Right Moves
Perfect Text: Because Your Business Depends on Excellence
Boomtime for 'Netrepreneurs
Professional Writing & Editing: Best Bet for On-line Business success

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